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The Owner-Zach Pfaff

Zachary Pfaff (the guy on the left!) has been in the bike business since 1998, and has been passionate about bikes his entire life. His journey began in New Hampshire (where he’s from) at Goodale’s Bike Shop. They took a chance on a 14 year old and he continued to work there until he graduated from high school. His passion for cycling stayed with him when he moved to Tulsa to attend Spartan College. He continued to work locally in the bike industry while in Tulsa. During this period, he met his wonderful wife Brittany Pfaff who also has a love for cycling. He liked Tulsa so much, he decided to stay! After a plane crash in 2010, Zach decided to change his career path and began planning his bike shop. Everything came together in March of 2012 and the first shop location was started on Lewis Ave in Tulsa, where it began to thrive. A year later, they expanded their business into Broken Arrow, as well. Soon after, they decided It was time to find a better geographical spot for the Tulsa store, in which they found the 21st and Boston building. Zach enjoys commuting to and from work and racing on the weekends, with his little boy Bennett standing by to cheer him on.


Mark Wittig

Mark has working the bike industry for 7 year. In 1984 he did his first 100 ride, he was 15 years young. Mark remembers still remember the day his dad took off his training wheels. It was the first day of summer in 1976. Mark lived on top a hill and when he let go he was free for the first time. Mark hasn’t stopped loving the feeling he gets every time he rides one of his bikes.
A fun fact about Mark is that he spent ten years in college. Mark has a Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing & Photography and Master of Fine Arts in Open Media & Photography. A little now fact about Mark is in 2010, his multi discipline art work, “The Morning Paper” was part of Revealing Culture, an international juried exhibition by artists with disabilities. The exhibition was organized by VSA Arts and was at the Smithsonian Institute’s International Gallery in Washington, DC.


Daniel Rittler

6lbs 13 oz
Since before memory the bicycle was transportation. Then necessity became obsession. The single digit years consisted of leaving flesh and rubber on the pavement in nearly equal mass.
That and the quickest way to explore any woods or abandoned property near home. Teen years are a trying time for everyone especially when it involves the discovery of mountain bike racing. Foolish injuries, stolen bikes, and the discovery of touring littered the time untill 2006. That is when the ride from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Tulsa, OK took place. Mark this as the beginning of the embrace of spandex, working in bike shops and road racing. From there all that was left was to get faster, get a wife and get a kid. Check, check and check.

You Can Find Us At 2 Locations!

Tulsa Location
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p. 918.619.6222

Broken Arrow Location
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p. 918.286.1400